Alana was made for the unexpected.

Born in Taipei to an American mother and a Taiwanese father, Alana Nichols entered the world with an extremely rare form of deafness. While her mother noticed she was unresponsive to sound, her condition remained untreated until she was nearly three years old.

Consequently, her parents undertook an international search for a solution across Asia, America and Europe. After many months of effort, it was in Australia that they found a physician who – despite enormous doubts – agreed to perform an experimental cochlear implant surgery.

Despite the near-zero chance of success, the surgery resulted in Alana entering a new world of sound, able to hear for the first time and attend school alongside her hearing classmates. Today she enjoys interviewing fascinating people in beautiful and exotic locations around the world for her award-winning television series,
Follow Alana.

Through her series she aspires to use television as a vehicle to tell stories and a catalyst for positive change. Alana is an internationally sought-after speaker, having spoken across the globe, most recently addressing the World Health Organization on issues relating to deafness and hearing care.

Follow Alana to Switzerland

Follow Alana Switzerland highlights the pastoral beauty of Switzerland’s countryside and alpine scapes, delving into iconic Swiss culture, from exploring the Heidi Village-inspired mountaintop village to interviewing Roger Federer, eating at the world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant in Zurich, paragliding in the alps, and trail scrambling with St. Bernards, viewers get to experience the best that traveling in Switzerland has to offer.

Alana is an inquisitive and playful host, engaging the regions’ experts with thoughtfulness and genuine excitement. The relaxing tone of the show is a calming departure from much of the more fast-paced and busy American reality-based fare. However this doesn’t mean it’s short of excitement and adventure. Alana intrepidly explores Switzerland in its rural and urban settings alike, from the Alps via gondola, paraglider and zipline to the city of Zurich and it’s more distinctive cultural and artistic aspects.

Follow Alana to Australia


 Summer 2021

Follow Alana Australia is an in depth exploration of Australia’s breathtaking gold coast.