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Follow Alana has won multiple Remi Awards at Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival and New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards.

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Season Synopsis

Follow Alana Taiwan delves into the sweeping
natural landscapes and traditional community
practices across Taiwan’s diverse islands, forests, villages, and more. In a refreshing departure from the Western world, Alana returns to the country she was born with a curious heart and familiar appetite for adventure. From scaling dramatic mountain ranges in Nantou to canyoning waterfalls, caves, and underwater coves in Lisong– Alana learns a plethora
of sustainable practices from local communities –
enjoying the sights of a country that has historically embraced preservation.

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Season Synopsis

Follow Alana Australia is a gracious pass to a fantastically fun, absolutely thrilling and spectacular look at the vast splendor of one of the earth’s most remote yet reachable gems. Alana energetically explores the Gold Coast of Australia.

From the subtle urban art of Brisbane to tiny Whitsunday Island’s pristine silica beaches, Alana gets up close and personal with the wildest of Aussie flora and fauna in the Wet Tropics of

Queensland. Alana learns even more about the natural and beautiful abundance that is Australia and how to take tender loving care of the one and only planet shared by all.

The Australian connection is here, and Alana shares the ride!

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Season Synopsis

Follow Alana Switzerland is a fresh, charming travel television series hosted by Alana Nichols and produced by Aurora Digital Media Co. Ltd. The show highlights the pastoral beauty of Switzerland’s countryside and alpine scapes, delving into iconic Swiss culture, from exploring the Heidi Village-inspired mountaintop village to interviewing Roger Federer, eating at the world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant in Zurich, paragliding in the alps, and trail scrambling with St. Bernards, viewers get to experience the best that traveling in Switzerland has to offer.

Alana is an inquisitive and playful host, engaging the regions’ experts with thoughtfulness and genuine excitement. The relaxing tone of the show is a calming departure from much of the more fast-paced and busy American reality-based fare. However this doesn’t mean it’s short of excitement and adventure. Alana intrepidly explores Switzerland in its rural and urban settings alike, from the Alps via gondola, paraglider and zipline to the city of Zurich and it’s more distinctive cultural and artistic aspects.